ship link

Ship Link

Integrated Logistics' SHIP-LINK™ system automates the invoice audit and payment process, eliminating paper invoicing from carriers and freeing up valuable resources within our clients’ organization. Our automated system allows you to efficiently manage your parcel spending, providing information with which you can be proactive.

SHIP-LINK™ Six Proven Efficiencies:
  1. Ease of Use: Automated process for invoice payment and reconciliation to reduce internal processing costs
  2. Visibility: To all accounts, companies, customers and divisions
  3. Audit: Ensure all areas of the carrier agreement are applied appropriately
  4. Recovery: Ensure all disputed and contested charges are recovered
  5. Financial: Customized cost allocation, general ledger/ account receivable coding, general ledger feed and identification of charge-back opportunities to vendors
  6. Information Management: Dynamic real time reporting, identification of customer service, financial and operational opportunities

SHIP-LINK™ Value Proposition: Savings Potential!
  • Automated carrier invoice audit and error notification.
  • Ensure all incentives, tiers and fuel surcharges are properly applied.
  • Built-in rate calculator.
  • Line item visibility and audit of all accessorial charges.
  • Line item visibility of all carrier adjustments.
  • Small Package Data Warehouse of Shipment information for future contract negotiations.
  • 3% to 10% reduction in transportation freight costs.
  • 3% to 10% reduction in small package claims efforts through increased visibility and information management.

Customer Service
  • Real-time, in-transit track and trace.
  • Easy-to-use shipment search capabilities.
  • Automatic, proactive notification of late, lost, or damaged shipments.

Management Control
  • Improved visibility of all freight costs.
  • Streamlined process for carrier performance auditing and analysis.
  • Detailed audit and performance reports.
  • Detailed cost savings reports with carrier performance detail.
  • Analytical tools for shipment characteristics.
  • Data Repository for carrier contract negotiation and management.

Implementation and Deployment
Integrated Logistics will provide the following services to ensure a successful implementation and deployment.
  • System and configuration.
  • Data integrity validation and auditing.
  • User configuration and setup.
  • Training for employees

Support and Maintenance
  • Support hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM EST, excluding holidays.
  • The support and maintenance agreement will remain in force for as long as the Ship-Link™ agreement is valid.
  • Updates and upgrades for the Ship-Link™ product will be provided regularly as part of the support and maintenance agreement.
  • Integrated Logistics will maintain all data and programs on its servers.
  • Integrated Logistics will provide user manuals.
  • Integrated Logistics will provide training for all functionality.