Business Intelligence

Integrated Logistics’ SHIP-LINK™ possesses Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) multidimensional data source capabilities. Integrated Logistics’ OLAP capabilities also include relational reporting and data mining (used for finding correlation between different factors.)

Integrated Logistics provides business operations reports to all of our clients. These reports include the actual data and how it matches up against the goals.
Demo Business Report #1
Demo Business Report #2

Integrated Logistics can store data for extended lengths of time, at our client's request. This allows the ability to access historical reports and examine trends weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc… This capability allows our client to forecast and set future goals for their organization.

Integrated Logistics provides executive dashboard reporting for our clients, allowing viewers to analyze the report at a glance. Dashboard reports are extremely useful for presentation, or for viewers who do not need to observe the detail of the report.

Scheduling/ Distribution
Integrated Logistics provides report scheduling and distribution capabilities at our clients’ request, at any given interval. The resulting reports are distributed to the provided distribution list by email.

Integrated Logistics offers the most frequently used exporting capabilities to our clients, to satisfy their reporting needs. These formats include Excel, flat file, and PDF.
Demo Business Report #1 (PDF)

Integrated Logistics ensures our clients the most secured access to their organization’s data. Not all custom reports are accessible outside of our company as we maintain internal user rights.