Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company?
    Answer: Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies provide services to other companies by complementing or replacing their internal logistics operations with a cost effective and efficient alternative. Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies become an integral part of their customer's supply chain, by offering warehousing and distribution services, value-added services, and warehousing logistics services.
  • Question: Can you audit a shipment with multiple packages?
    Answer: Yes. With our innovated automated technology SHIP-LINK™, Integrated Logistics possesses the capability to audit each and every individual package.
  • Question: Which small parcel carriers does Integrated Logistics audit?
    Answer: UPS, FedEx, DHL, Purolator, Canada Post, and Golden State Overnight
  • Question: How do you receive my parcel freight invoices?
    Answer: Integrated Logistics' auditing services will be set-up so that our team of freight auditors will receive your company's electronic invoice automatically from the carriers.
  • Question: How will I track the refund credits that your auditing services generate?
    Answer: The results of our freight auditing services are very transparent. Carriers' refunds are applied directly to your shipping account. We provide a weekly/monthly report detailing all carrier credits that have resulted from our transportation audit.
  • Question: Will my carrier relationship be adversely affected when I hire Integrated Logistics to audit my small package invoices?
    Answer: Your relationship will not be adversely affected by our parcel freight audit services. A critical part of better-quality parcel and freight carrier service is accurately billing for services rendered. Our parcel and freight payment audit services ensure that every charge on your bill is accurate.
  • Question: What kind of carrier reporting solutions do you offer?
    Answer: Integrated Logistics offers multiple logistics reports as a standard part of our freight audit services. Our suite of carrier reports allows customers to monitor detailed shipping information and help reduce shipping costs. Our online tool provides comprehensive, real-time reporting, of all small parcel shipments. High level shipping cost summary reports and detailed granular reports will help specific company departments better manage logistics operations and reduce freight costs. Integrated Logistics will house shipping data in our data warehouse, enabling your team to generate historical freight bill audit reports.
  • Question: How much of a refund can I expect from using the audit technology?
    Answer: Based on the thousands of audits performed, we can say that the average savings is 3%-7%.
  • Question: Will our data remain private?
    Answer: 100%! We will not share your company's shipping data with anyone.
  • Question: How much of my employees' time will be required to use the system?
    Answer: Utilizing the system will drastically save your employees' time by eliminating the demanding tasks of manually processing your entire carrier invoices. After implementation, your staff can be trained in as little as an hour.
  • Question: Will we be required to sign a long-term binding contract?
    Answer: No. Integrated Logistics services are incredibly flexible. If you wish to halt the usage of the system, all we require is a 30-day written notice.