Executive Team


    Dave Ivie is a founding partner of Integrated Logistics. Dave leads the finance and collection efforts for Integrated Logistics. He also runs the corporate office and support group. Dave has over 20 years of insurance industry experience. His insurance background includes underwriting large "alternative risk" pools as well as standard P&C. Dave also has a diverse background in Corporate Internal Audit and administrative operations. Dave is married and lives in Alpharetta, Georgia.

    A founding partner of Integrated Logistics and former UPS finance executive, Mike brings more than 28 years of experience in financial planning, analysis, and activity-based costing to the Integrated Logistics team. During his UPS career Mike served in financial operations, corporate product cost, and the UPS internal consulting group. Mike focuses on improving system design and functionality, as well as servicing operational projects. A born and raised Midwesterner, Mike graduated from Augustana College and holds an MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Mike is married and lives in Cumming, Georgia.

    Another former UPS veteran of 23 years in the UPS Engineering group, Dan brings a multitude of talents and credentials to the Integrated Logistics team. During his career at UPS, he was responsible for design and implementation of the UPS internal consulting group known as Professional Services (PSI). Dan worked as VP of Supply Chain in several "turn around" efforts, including the management of a 500,000 square foot national distribution center supporting over 10,000 SKU's. Dan also served as past president of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Division, and has been honored multiple times in the industry. Dan is responsible for IL's customer relationship and support program as well as sales and marketing. He's a graduate of Michigan State University's Executive Program in Logistics, and received BIS from George Mason University and continues to be highly involved with his alma mater. Dan is married and lives in Richmond, Virginia.

    Prior to establishing his own company, Jim spent 6 years at Arthur Anderson and 5 years at IBM. Jim leads IT strategy and development in support of Integrated Logistics services. Jim has a distinguished military record serving as a United States Marine in the Middle and Far East. Jim achieved his undergrad at South Florida and attended the Master's program for Mathematics and computer science at Georgia Tech. Jim is married and lives in Alpharetta Georgia.