Decision Management

Contract Governance
Integrated Logistics manages the supply chain, contract terms, and conditions of a firm’s operations. Integrated Logistics’ platform provides dynamic reporting and management capabilities that provides insight into the use and management of your small package logistics contract.

Mode Optimization
Integrated Logistics provides a dynamic set of engineering tools to aid the Supply Chain executive with management of service usage in line with the supply chain operating guidelines. Reports are done in a dynamic real time view, or scheduled at defined intervals for ongoing management.

Rate Optimization
Integrated Logistics provides extensive rate check capabilities at both the gross and net level for your individual contract terms and conditions. Integrated Logistics' clients all have the ability to run reporting that provides net rates based on service selection. Demo Business Report

Network Rules
Integrated Logistics possesses the ability to plan scenarios and conduct “hypothetical” costing scenarios across your small package vendors. Monitoring and enforcement of exceptions is also simplified with custom reporting and query capability that allows you to track your key metrics day to day and react to changing conditions.

User Authority / Rights
Firms can provide customer service reports and tools to their internal departments, while maintaining the ability to block access to high level financial metrics.