Business Analytics

Integrated Logistics utilizes a database for reporting and analyzing information summaries that supports management decision making processes, such as parcel invoices, order receipts, general ledger charges, etc... The main source of the data is processed, cataloged, and then made available for data mining, online analytical processing, market research and decision support. Integrated Logistics' data warehouse possesses the following capabilities of collecting and managing data:

Subject Oriented
Our data warehouse can be used to analyze a selected subject area. For example, "Shipment Date" can be a particular subject.

Integrated Logistics’ data warehouse integrates information from multiple data sources. For example, source A and source B may have different ways of identifying a product, but in our data warehouse, there will be only a single means of identification.

Time Variant
Integrated Logistics maintains a data warehouse for storing historical data for a rolling 15 month period, unlike our competitors who often store only the most recent data. This is extremely beneficial to our users in that they can retrieve information from a broad date range.