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Integrated Logistics is an Atlanta based logistics information management company, specializing in assisting corporations with their small package rate audit, service audit, logistics information management, and transportation consulting strategies on a global level. Integrated Logistics is dedicated to providing all the necessary technical tools, data analysis, and consulting expertise to allow our customers to save money and improve their parcel service levels.

Integrated Logistics is an invaluable resource to our clients within their audit, logistics, and governance areas. We combine state of the art technology, creative strategic thinking, and an unparalleled wealth of knowledge of the industry within one point of contact. It is our mission to solve some of your largest business process challenges through cost-effective and effortless delivery.people

Integrated Logistics' invaluable team of senior level partners represents over 150 years of combined logistics experience in the small package industry from such notable companies as UPS, IBM, and Anderson Consulting. Vast experience among our partners and across disciplines is our strength and the leading difference between Integrated Logistics and our competitors. This expertise enables us to personally strategize with clients identifying, addressing and improving financial and logistical processes to maximize efficiency and reduce expense supported by measurable cost benefits. Integrated Logistics believes in a highly personalized level of service, quick responsiveness, and a flexible approach. We have the ability to take our clients beyond their task at hand. The Integrated Logistics team is eager to take your business to the next level.

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